Andrew G. Setos

Andrew G. Setos has spent his entire career at the cutting edge of audio-visual innovation, from production to distribution and exhibition and in virtually every form of content play. He has collaborated with some of the industry's most prolific creative talents and business executives to help realize their visions.

He is currently CEO of BLACKSTAR Engineering Inc., a firm that advises on the intersection of technology and media. He is also the Founder and Chairman of SellThruCo Inc. whose goal is to revitalize sell through of audio-visual content. He rose to President, Engineering for the Fox Group during a 24 year stint at that company, where he was involved in almost every aspect of content creation and distribution. He was the lead engineering and operations executive at the company that launched MTV Music Television, VH-1 and Nickelodeon. His role is summarized in the recently published book I Want My MTV. Before that he spent several years at WNET as Chief Engineer where he was involved in many innovative, award winning productions, such as Live from Lincoln Center, Dance in America, Bill Moyers Journal and the MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour. He has applied for and been granted a variety of patents.

Andrew G. Setos

Along the way he has received many distinctions, including being elected a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and accepted three Emmy's for Engineering from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the most recent being the Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science.

He is most comfortable when involved in efforts that have never been attempted before but is equally proficient at managing large operations on a day to day basis, achieving unsurpassed cost efficiencies, responsiveness and reliability.

Here are some highlights of his innovations, mileposts, and activities:


Commercial transactions


Some Innovations

Government Relations (primarily spectrum and copyright matters)